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Let's Talk About... Curriculum blog article on Nancy Hunt Campaign website

It’s time to find a path forward to a curriculum that our citizens support.

During this time of limited resources, I find it so wasteful that taxpayers have funded $64 + Million in spending on one set of curriculum that is sitting unused and an undisclosed amount on a second set of curriculum that has caused widespread public outcry.  

It’s time to put KIDS FIRST.  Curriculum is not partisan and must transcend administrations.  I believe that from the 2 complete sets of curriculum that have been developed, a common ground can be found that will be fantastic for our kids, supported by teachers and parents, and will uphold the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Edmonton Public School Board is one of 56 boards who have declined to pilot the draft curriculum and continues to lobby, together with the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) for a more acceptable curriculum that is supported by stakeholders.  I support these actions and further call on our government to create an INDEPENDENT COMMISSION to analyze feedback, and develop a new recommendation taking the best of both drafts. 

I started advocating against the curriculum direction before the pandemic, when there were public input sessions regarding the Ministerial Order, and have continued by participating in an Edmonton advocacy group and by representing my school and voting at the ASCA (Alberta School Council Association) conference this year.  As Trustee, I can make a difference with the following actions:

1) Continuing the stance of the current board to demand a redraft before any implementation.

2) Work with Trustees across Alberta and with ASBA (Alberta School Board Association) to achieve a greater influence.

3) Start more conversation regarding the process; if we can first agree on a process that brings the stakeholders together to rewrite and / or draw from the 2018 draft, then we have a better chance of a curriculum that is supported.

When teachers, indigenous leaders, educational experts, school councils, and school boards are all satisfied, I will be too, and so will Albertans.

 – Nancy Hunt for Edmonton Public School Board Trustee -Ward F

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