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"I've known Nancy for over 20 years through tennis, including in her role as President. Over these years, I've come to appreciate her collaboration, her efforts at building community and her exemplary, inclusive leadership. These qualities, including her unwavering integrity, will serve her well as trustee."
LeeAnne Pawluski
former President, Garneau Tennis Club
"Educated, prepared, and an effective advocate, Nancy Hunt is the leader we need for our School Trustee. I've served beside Nancy on executive school boards and I have witnessed her ability to listen and engage with parents, then bring about the needed change at the school board level, even when the odds were stacked against her. She genuinely cares and her commitment to our community is needed now, more than ever."
Dr. Lyn K. Sonnenberg
Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician, Pleasantview resident
"Nancy is a smart, compassionate leader who I have been privileged to learn from over the past 5 years. She is open minded and open hearted and will be a brilliant advocate for children and their parents and/or guardians."
Nicole Gartner
mother of two
"I met Nancy while I was a Faculty Director of the Child Study Centre. In this role, I was able to appreciate Nancy as a strong advocate for high quality education for young children. We become allies in setting optimum conditions for all children to achieve their full potential. I have no doubt that she will work tirelessly and will not rest until this goal is met. Nancy’s unique education and professional background that combines fine arts, business and strategic planning is what is needed to continue to stand up for children and parents who want the best for their children."
Dr. Anna Kirova
Professor of Early Childhood Education, University of Alberta
"Nancy impressed me with her ability to move goals forward and be an active board member. Nancy is a smart, capable leader whose background and experience make her exactly the type of person I feel we need as school Trustee."
Susan Andrew
Professor Emerita, mom of 2
"Nancy reported to me for 5 years as Division Manager for Quicken Software. I can attest to her outstanding problem solving and analytical skills, her excellent team leadership and her collaborative approach. Nancy championed new customer engagement and research methods, which gives me confidence that she will be very effective at connecting with citizens and representing Ward F!"
Bruce Johnson
former CEO, Intuit Canada
"In the decade I’ve known Nancy, as a music teacher, fellow parent and collaborator on many school projects, I’ve witnessed her passion for education and commitment to doing her best in all endeavours. Her strategic thought process, compassion for others and big picture view will make Nancy an excellent Trustee."
Jenn Roggeveen
former parent society & School Council Chair, Royal Gardens resident
"Nancy's a great listener and incorporates everyone's ideas. She's always been an education and community-oriented person. …. She is also a critical thinker and problem solver, which are needed to be an excellent educational trustee."
Carol Okamoto
mother of 3 elementary school children, Queen Alexandra resident
"I’ve known Nancy for over 10 years as a parent and involved member of School Council. She is thoughtful, engaged, dedicated and committed to listening to different points of view and finding solutions. I think that she would make a great Trustee!"
Sarah Dixon
former School Council and parent society Chair, Queen Alexandra resident
"Nancy is friendly and approachable. She is a good listener with an open mind. Nancy is willing to listen to different views and opinions … She seeks to find a compromise without losing her ideology and principles."
Amy Choo
parent society colleague, Belgravia resident
"When I think of Nancy, integrity and trust are two of the qualities that I can completely vouch for. Nothing like being someone's tennis partner and opponent to see someone's true character!"
Kathy T
"Nancy is an engaged and effective advocate who can create a vision for supporting the needs of students, parents, and teachers. I have directly witnessed how she works collaboratively with others and gets results. In my role, the evidence and legacy of Nancy’s stewardship during her tenure is apparent, and I look to Nancy for mentorship without hesitation. She’s simply the most qualified and best positioned to advocate for the needs of students in Ward F. I have confidence her experience, background, and character are ideally suited, and will meet the challenges of being a trustee."
Sean Fulton
Chair IDEAS Lab Parents’ Society
"Nancy Hunt's history of community engagement and involvement with her local school make her an excellent candidate for School Trustee. She is experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to quality public education. She will represent the interests of Ward F with integrity, fostering trust while making a real difference in the everyday life of Edmontonians."
David Buchanan
Garneau Development Committee
"I’ve known Nancy for 9 years. I have never come across someone as authentic and a big picture thinker as Nancy. I can’t say enough about Nancy’s leadership, her authenticity, her ability to listen and get things, and her vision for all kids having an access to education - not just the education system catering to a certain few that wound up lucky enough to learn the way the system works."
Vik Maraj
Executive Coach, Unstoppable Conversations
"I have known Nancy for 12 years. I worked as an instructor for her children’s music program, Nancy's Notes. What continues to impress me about Nancy is her keen ability to really listen to people, quickly grasp the bigger picture and make room for others' points of view in her vision to make things better for kids. That's why I am proud to be working on her campaign as an accessibility advisor."
Susan Fearnley
Queen Alexandra resident

Nancy had GREAT answers to these questions asked by EPSB.