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High School Crowding

High School Crowding

Nancy Hunt photo taken at a high school to discuss High School Crowding

Our high schools are bursting.  Hallways are crowded, there are not enough lockers and we can’t offer the spacing that we need to prevent virus transmission.  And this isn’t the largest group!  According to Edmonton census data, the population bubble is still to come with the largest group currently in elementary school.

We are dependent on the provincial government for funding for capital projects including new schools and school expansions.  We did not receive funding for any of these projects this year.


One of my priorities as your Trustee will be to get more school space for students by expanding current schools or building new schools.  Included in this goal will be:

  • Detailed population forecasting by geographic area.
  • Creating short commutes for students, < 15 minutes by foot, bike or transit.
  • Lobbying the provincial government for funding.
  • Creating catchment areas that make sense for families.
  • Offering the programming that families want.

I have extensive experience both in forecasting and in delivering impactful presentations, so that your needs will be heard and we’ll have enough space for your kids!


Nancy Hunt EPSB Trustee Ward F - Tagline

 – Nancy Hunt for Edmonton Public School Board Trustee -Ward F

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