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Let’s Talk About…

Let's Talk About...


EQUITY in education is my primary reason for running for Trustee. Equity is many things. At the highest level, equity in education means that ALL students have fair, accessible, and free access to high quality public education.

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September Recap

Running for public office is an incredible process. I feel so honoured to have been nominated, privileged to have an amazing and brilliant campaign team, and so happy to feel the support of so many wonderful people.

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Mental Health

Students, staff, and families are under tremendous stress. I am hearing so many personal stories of mental health concerns amongst our students and staff. The pandemic has affected everyone differently and we know that this is a time when we all need support.

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I am alarmed and saddened that racist incidents are occurring today, in 2021. I heard just yesterday of a racist incident involving a school in this Ward. There is no place for racism in our society or in our schools.

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August Recap

August was an action – packed month that included an important accessibility initiative, wonderful summer days connecting with Ward F voters.

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High School Crowding

Election Day is Tuesday October 18th. Advance voting is from October 4th – 13th. Find out where to vote at Edmonton Elections.

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July 2021… A Month of Growing

July 2021… A Month of Growing In the words of our new Governor General, Mary Simon; “we must thoughtfully work hard towards the promise of a better tomorrow.” I am inspired to do my absolute best to ensure that our public school system challenges, enriches, and sparks a love of

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Curriculum It’s time to find a path forward to a curriculum that our citizens support. During this time of limited resources, I find it so wasteful that taxpayers have funded $64 + Million in spending on one set of curriculum that is sitting unused and an undisclosed amount on a

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June 2021 Recap

June 2021 Recap What a month.  I have learned and felt so much: SADNESS: learning more of the true horrors of Residential Schools, JOY: chatting with so many wonderful people about education, INSPIRATION: from Edmonton Public School’s new Anti-racism and Equity Policy, TRAGEDY: hearing of cowardly acts of racism, CELEBRATION:

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Nancy had GREAT answers to these questions asked by EPSB.