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My Vision For All Students

Let's Talk About... My Vision For All Students blog article on Nancy Hunt Campaign website
As your Trustee, my vision is to support ALL STUDENTS in achieving their POTENTIAL.  Public education is the foundation of our society.  It is our duty and priority to serve all children, to the best of our ability.

Our knowledge of how children learn has never been better.  Our teaching resources, methods and technology can now reflect the diversity of children as learners.  Yet we are constrained by funding, resources and structure to only provide these services to a few students.  I am hearing the emotional and financial stresses that families are feeling when their children’s needs are not met.  

EPSB has taken some great steps in recent years to bring individualized learning to more students.  I plan to continue to set the bar higher.  My goal is to provide our best and most comprehensive resources to ALL STUDENTS.

Nancy Hunt EPSB Trustee Ward F - Tagline

 – Nancy Hunt for Edmonton Public School Board Trustee -Ward F

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