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Nancy's Story

Nancy Hunt's Story: I Stand For Accessible and Equitable Public Education article image (Nancy at age 10 playing the violin)I Stand For Accessible and Equitable Public Education

I am a musician today thanks to Edmonton Public Schools’  Music Enrichment Program.  My family didn’t have the means for extracurricular activities of any kind.  The Strings Enrichment Program visited our elementary school and my sister fell in love with the violin; my mother said “where am I going to find the $25 annual fee?”  Somehow she did find the money,  I followed in my sister’s footsteps and the rest is history.  This is why accessibility of quality public education and enrichment is so close to my heart.

Nancy Hunt's Story: I Understand Parents’ Concerns article image (Nancy with her 3 kids)I Understand Parents’ Concerns

I am so grateful. I have three wonderful children: one in elementary, one in Junior High and one in her last year of High School, and this has given me a complete parent perspective.  I understand the concerns of parents at all levels of the school journey:  with kids who are just starting school, learning to read and do basic math; with teens who have test anxiety or who are navigating the social pressures of junior high; with high school students who are trying to balance extracurricular activities, schoolwork and jobs while preparing for post-secondary endeavours. 

My entire journey with my kids has been within Edmonton Public and I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge to inform my decisions as your Trustee.

My son wrote the “kids first” that’s used in my campaign literature.  I insisted that the graphic designer not make any changes to it, because I stand for real kids!   My kids are fully supportive of me dedicating my energy to the role of Trustee and we all believe in putting KIDS FIRST

I Am A Team Player and Community Leader

Tennis is my sport.  As well as the work-out, I enjoy the strategy, perseverance and collaboration; all skills that will help me as your Trustee.

As President of the Garneau Tennis and Beach Volleyball Club I led a campaign to save courts that were scheduled for demolition, to be turned into parking.  My work involved presenting an analysis of court usage and need, a letter writing campaign from members, information sharing at a Public Hearing, and collaborating with the Community League.  As you can see, the courts are here today, and I’m still enjoying playing on them!

Nancy Hunts Story I Stand Up Against All Odds (Image of houses)I Stand Up Against the Odds

I live in a community that is under a lot of redevelopment pressure.  Most development projects that go to the City of Edmonton public hearing are approved by Council.  Over the past 6 months I’ve undertaken historical analysis, as well as work to understand density and growth. I presented to City Council in the spring to scale back a large development proposal that would have overwhelmed neighbouring homes and affected the quality of life and future of our neighbourhood.  I used volume calculations and effective visuals to persuade Council that change was needed.  As a result, we have now come to a mutual agreement.

I was committed to finding a way forward rather than staying stuck in confrontation.  I know how to approach difficult situations and work towards a resolution.

I Am Adaptable and Understanding

I understand the sacrifices that teachers and families have made during the pandemic.  We have all had to adapt to online learning and a new way of life.  As a teacher, all my plans changed.  The majority of my work (in rec centres, daycares and pre-schools) was cancelled, so I developed a completely new line of business with a completely new curriculum.  As a Mom, my time was stretched to support my three children, each with their own needs, through a very unique school year.

I have proven that I have the ability and strength to adapt and think creatively through our Post Pandemic recovery as well as our future. 

Nancy HUnt's: I Am a Parent Leader and Advocate article image (Nancy with truck filled with potatoes)I Am a Parent Leader and Advocate 

I have been an active voice and leader on Garneau School Council for over 8 years, served as Chair of the CSC Parents’ Society for 5 years and have been an active and regular volunteer in the elementary school.  I participated in a city-wide education advocacy group and also represented my school council at the Alberta School Councils’ Association annual meeting.  My role as CSCPS Chair was at a particularly important time, as we faced significant changes to our Alternative Program.  I led the parent voice on many issues including:

  • Advocating for continuation of the Child Study Centre Alternative Program.
  • Creating a strategic plan and collaborative work structure between parent boards.
  • Initiating new fundraising programs.
  • Creating a vision of “learning without limits.”

Nancy had GREAT answers to these questions asked by EPSB.