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September Recap

September Recap

Nancy Hunt's September Recap article image (Nancy with large lawn sign)

Running for public office is an incredible process.  I feel so honoured to have been nominated, privileged to have an amazing and brilliant campaign team, and so happy to feel the support of so many wonderful people. 

September has been one of the most intense 4 weeks I have ever experienced, with door-knocking, responding to challenging questions, and learning from every conversation.

SELF REVELATION:  When you realize that 100,000+ people might see your photo, read your words, listen to your speeches and meet you, each word becomes so much more important and you have to come to terms with everything about your identity and values. 

LEARNING:  I have knocked on over 8,000 doors and talked with thousands of people about education issues.  After 12 years of experience and a deep involvement with Edmonton and Alberta education issues, I didn’t realize how much more I still had to learn!  I appreciate all of the experiences, feedback and ideas that you have shared with me. Every voice and every experience needs to be heard.  I have learned so much about Special Needs education, Indigenous learning, support services such as Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Pathologists, impacts of Pandemic learning, and many personal stories of how our schools have supported students or how students have fallen through the cracks.

STAMINA, DETERMINATION and HARD WORK:  The way I have worked on this campaign is a testament to the way I will work for you and for all kids.  I have knocked on doors every day since July 24, with just one day off for the federal election.  Rain or shine, it has been my pleasure to meet so many residents of Ward F and I wish there was more time to meet all of you!

Now we are on the home stretch to election day, October 18!

Nancy Hunt EPSB Trustee Ward F - Tagline

 – Nancy Hunt for Edmonton Public School Board Trustee -Ward F

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